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We stay with you to the last step

Arshian Lift Co.

We stay with you to the last step

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Major Feilds of Activity

Engineering, Design, Procurement, Installation, Execution,and Services of all types of Elevators, Escalators and Moving walks in public, commercial and residential areas

Heavy Duty Products

Specially tailored for public traffic areas therefore the best solutions for the subways, railway stations, airports and other public transportation places.

Commercial and Office Products

It is suitable for shopping malls, hotels, office buildings and other high-end commercial buildings and facilities.

Residential Products

It is perfect for residential blocks and low traffic areas


The Stages of the Project

Services and Aftersales

Engineering, Installation and Execution

Procurements and Importation

Consultation, Design, Purchase

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An escalator is a moving staircase used for passenger transport up and down at a short vertical distance. Escalators around the world are installed and used in places where lifting is not possible. The main uses of this device are in shopping malls, airports and transportation centers, business centers, hotels and public buildings. The benefits of an escalator are very high. Escalators have a high capacity for displacing people and can be installed in the same physical staircase space....

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Elevator Machine Room

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The installation of a fire extinguisher capsule in the elevator engine room is indispensable at a convenient and accessible location. In the engine room, elevators with concrete hollow ceiling above the floor of the engine room are required to create an emergency valve with a useful dimension of at least 0.5 * 0.5 m. This valve should have a lock open from the engine room with a key and can be opened from the elevator without a key. Creating a hook on the ceiling of the engine room at the...

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All our products have 2 warranty and 8 years aftersales services


Our least delivery time is 4 months


To have our technical support kindly contact our sales department


There is no limit for the rise and products are manufactured based on project requirements